Care: If we want to obtain natural and healthy animal products, we first need to place priority on how well our farmers look after their animals.

Nutrition: We feel it very important that all of our Petra Besi Çiftliği-raised animals are well fed. Healthy with all-natural feed.

Aquaculture: It is imperative that we research all natural animal feed, granted that eating organically lies at the heart of a modern, healthy lifestyle.

Livestock: You cannot survive unless all of your dietary needs have been met. For people, this means animal-based products.

At Petra Besi Çiftlik, we engage in pasture animal and natural stockbreeding. We raise over 1,500 cattle and sheep native to the province of Konya.

Our aim is to raise and slaughter cattle and sheep in as efficient a manner for the benefit of the public.

All of what we feed our animals is grown and harvested by us on 1,300 decares of private farmland. No artificial fertilizer of form touches any of our crops. Instead, we fertilize our fields naturally with manure produced by own animals.

We breed both native and cultured cattle (and sheep) species. We value local breeds. In fact, we feel it important to protect breeds that have adapted to Anatolia. Our domestic animals include black sheep, gray cattle, and Pleven and Anatolian buffalo. Our cultured breeds include Simmentel, Charolais, and Limousin sheep.

Hormones and other drugs play no part in any our stockbreeding practices. Calves and lambs are always the first to gain access to their mothers’ milk (before being diverted for human consumption). We walk and graze all of our animals on open pasture. This allows them to produce richer, more nutritious milk then their barn-raised counterparts. It is important that offspring have access to breast milk if the are to develop into healthy adults. We also have set up a free-range chicken farm within a patch of forest so that our poultry have chance to not only eat well, but also hatch eggs that are 100% natural. No form of processed feed whatsoever enters farm. We feed our chickens in coops scattered across the forested farm using only all-natural feed that we grow ourselves. We obtain oak honey from hives located in the region Konya Ovası. Bees in this part of the world benefit from both the region’s rich fauna profile as well as oak acorns. This is what makes oak honey unique and valuable. Oak honey is a blend of both tree and flower honey, and is a natural antioxidant. Its rich plant-based composition, colour, scent, viscosity, and flavour all make oak honey stand out from other varieties.

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