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Petra Yapı has been involved in numerous residential, industrial, hotel, school, shopping mall, and plaza projects both within Turkey and abroad since 1972. It is an organization that has established the housing industry that it became an expert in as its main field of operation and has aimed for quality only in this area and succeeded in making a difference.

From 1972 until today, it has grown, adding value to the lives of thousands of people with its understanding of not just residences but forming living spaces and making a difference thanks to the long-term relationship of trust it has established with its clients.

Petra Yapı has always been at the sides of its investors after sales in all the projects that it has signed, combining aesthetics, technology, comfort, funds and experience.

Our company values technology, supports research and development activities, has a system of quality management, and operates professionally in the frame of the institutional and human values, embracing the policies of human resources. It continuously updates, develops, and grows its position in the sector, combining the experience that construction culture had built on for years.

Operating in many different countries from America to the Middle East, State Corps, which has laid the first foundation in Turkey in 1989, is one of the industry’s leading construction and manufacturing company. Focusing on construction, energy, agriculture and livestock sectors especially in Turkey, the company have a wide operational network covering all processes from general contracts to design and construction, from project management to procurement.

The State Corps, which devotes itself to providing superior quality services to all private customers and public organizations, regardless of the region and industry, has strengthened its powerful reputation not only among commercial and industrial organizations but also among local and foreign governments thanks to its investments and skillfully managed complex projects. Although being an independent organization, State Corps, which shares company’s global vision and mission in this sense, is strengthening its global activities with its ongoing projects in Anatolia and the added value it provides by realizing new projects in construction, energy, mining, giving life to new projects in the agriculture and livestock sector in Turkey.

It is possible to briefly define State Corps as a company that successfully handles large-scale complex projects, especially in the construction sector, both worldwide and in the most challenging geographies. The corporate culture of the company is built on the values of hard work, perfectionism, customer satisfaction and honesty, and its activities are carried out in accordance with these values.

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Saff Invest is a foreign trade company established in Istanbul in 2004 and we are dealing with import and export in general and our head office is in Istanbul. It is a global trading company that specializes in procuring and producing materials for Real Estate, Industry, Industrial, Livestock, Health, Energy, soft and food products as a result of the demands from the market and new opportunities.

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