Driven by the desire to please, Saff İnvest offers a wide range of real estate, commodity, and investment services no matter what clients need or expect from us.We offer consulting services for all sorts of investment project, including land, commercial, brand housing, and warehousing.

Saff İnvest’s seasoned team of experts are ready to present customers with high-profit investment projects bound to give them a bang for their buck while being easy on the pocket book.

Saff İnvest’s customer portfolio spans individual to institutional investors, including domestic and foreign mutual funds.

Saff İnvest has the managerial professionalism and know-how to act swiftly upon customer needs and demands, and is ready to serve you as well.

Be it real estate or otherwise, Saff İnvest is here to help you lay down your money at the right place, the right time, and the right price, regardless of what and where in Turkey you want to invest.

At the same time, we also purchase all the market research you need to make your investment, including helping you with repeat sales and the administration process.

We lay down every option on the table in terms of prep and ideas so that you can make just the right investment that fits your goals.

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Saff Invest is a foreign trade company established in Istanbul in 2004 and we are dealing with import and export in general and our head office is in Istanbul. It is a global trading company that specializes in procuring and producing materials for Real Estate, Industry, Industrial, Livestock, Health, Energy, soft and food products as a result of the demands from the market and new opportunities.

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