In 2006, we got involved in supplying the health sector with medical equipment. Before long, that grew into an interest in health tourism. Since 2014, we have helped countless patients both at home and abroad tap into Turkey’s ever-growing list of medical applications.

Petra Health continues to help heal the world as a intermediary health tourism institution, in line with various international policies.

As a health tourism firm of international caliber, Petra Health offers patients–no matter where in the world they live—Turkey’s best and most effective treatment options with putting a dent in their wallets.

Petra Health runs over 100 hospitals under its umbrella. Every last hospital in this network has been hand-picked by Petra Health’s patient-focused team of healthcare professionals.

Petra Health pairs its patients with just the right doctor(s) and hospital for the best care possible. Of course, before any of this can take place, patients are first pre-screened by the doctor with whom they’ve been paired. Keeping in mind how difficult it can be to experience health care in a foreign setting, Petra Health goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone under its care feel at home and among good company by surrounding them with a team of professionals at every stage of their treatment throughout their stay.

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Saff Invest is a foreign trade company established in Istanbul in 2004 and we are dealing with import and export in general and our head office is in Istanbul. It is a global trading company that specializes in procuring and producing materials for Real Estate, Industry, Industrial, Livestock, Health, Energy, soft and food products as a result of the demands from the market and new opportunities.

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